MG took my file before and was browsing through it. Final year degree students, who expect to complete their final examinations and other requirements for obtaining the degree by June 15, , can also apply. Such applicants must submit a Certificate from the Head of the Institution stating their position, at the time of interview. A-I wanted to be truthful and didnt want to give any excuse hence said, I didnt study but later realized my mistake hence worked hard during graduation and scored well. WAT went on for another 5 minutes after which we were told to sit outside. P2 Asked me about political science. How was your interview experience at Polaris?

Arranging the required VISA will be the responsibility of the student. But then everyone will face the same issue, no? Nail your next technical interview from your dream company. Important Information Exam Required. After I knocked and entered the room p1 offered me to sit and I thanked!

Told about his timeline. Spoke about qualities acquired in engg.

ximb essay topics

The campus also has Video Conferencing Facilities. Business is something in which you knew about history, geography everything before it and then start a business and you contribute to society in a certain way.

Duration minutes My PI was the second in line.

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XIMB is proud of its highly successful alumni network. C- Commented that I liked your confidence and asked me to focus on my weak areas. Did it … A: This program provides an excellent opportunity for professionals, with the potential to assume senior management responsibilities, to pursue a Postgraduate Program in Management, without interrupting the current professional career.


ximb essay topics

My profile is as follows: Had Sanskrit as one of subject in grad Me: I just listened to them silently and with patience. How well I tackle situation which is not in my comfort zone. How did you reached here? The minimum requirements for admission to the Program are: The panel was impressedand nodded positively. The selected students must be ready with their respective Visas and travel documents for joining the program by the due dates as applicable essaj be intimated.

The combination of a spatial imagination and abilities and management skills endows unique combination of competencies which prepares them to work in urban development and planning organizations. After 10 tosses by each, what is chance that both Raunak and Menak have Rs. What other calls you have? Sir it has Iron pillar beside it, another ruler also tried to make large pillar but failed and there was stampede also and from then it was close.

What is the difference between the two. Overall a good Learning experience, but I don’t think I will make it. Emlyon Business School, France.

ximb essay topics

No sir it is not like that, I know made a mistake and I am accepting it but I wanted to correct them as well but didn’t get any chance. So you have lived in Delhi for so many years, so I am giving you 20 seconds to think and tell me about the history of Delhi in chronological order about 4 5 points.


A-Answered with example of two Bisleri bottles of different sizes in front of them. Such applicants must submit a Certificate from the Head of the Institution stating their position at the time of interview.

A few more questions were asked which I dont remember. A-I said I studied the subjects I liked and didnt study others lame zimb E-Which subject did you like in 12th? Elucidated about my roletold them about the projects I have worked I have worked for Kingdom Tower Project, Jeddah.

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I was like on seventh heaven P3: Holding cap in left handbottle in right hand near my face and asked them with my expression of guilt ,” may I!?

They will however, be required to attend the Personal Interview, if called.

They seem really interested in poem! Application fee is Rs. Trying to explain the Startup one and then he interrupted and said P1: