Many economics majors plan to pursue an advanced degree and become an economist, monitoring economic trends and making forecasts on issues like inflation, employment, and interest rates. Founded in , Washington State is a public research university based in Pullman, Washington. Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Macroeconomics Introductory Econometrics Economics Capstone Internship, Special Problems, or Study Abroad Notables According to their individual interests, students pursue elective coursework in business, agriculture, mathematics, history, and political science. The degree prepares students for careers or graduate study in business, economics, law, government, and more. Clarion offers multiple degrees related to economics, including a BA.

Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in business and government, as well as graduate study in economics, business, and law. Graduates have a 95 percent placement rate in graduate school or a career within a year of graduation. Program graduates have attended prestigious graduate schools, started their own firms, and accepted positions with government and nonprofit organizations. Program Features The Bachelor of Arts in Economics program focuses on how individuals, businesses, governments, and societies create, manage, use, and distribute resources. Students have the flexibility to build a plan of study related to their academic and career goals. In fact, economics can lead to a wide variety of careers in all sorts of industries. Four credits of self-study may be counted toward the economics degree.

Prerequisite for SOC With more than degree programs, OSU offers something for everyone.

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Brooklyn College students may also pursue a minor in economics while specializing in business, accounting, or related discipline. Both programs provide a strong foundation in economic theory and research. Students complete internships, compete in a stock competition against other schools, engage in independent research projects with faculty, and more.


The university has a mission of providing top-quality academics within a faith-based context. UNT has an active alumni network and numerous connections with business, educational, community, and global partners. Overview Located in Somers, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a public university established in They also learn about financial markets, the manufacturing of products, and the allocation of resources and goods. The school serves more than 7, students and provides programs in more than areas of academic study.

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You can expect to take courses such as: These courses must be approved by the department chair. Problem-solving abilities and communication skills are also a plus.

In addition to general education and prerequisite courses, students complete three uiic courses and five elective courses. Students should begin planning and completing their supporting coursework no later than their sophomore year.

In order for transfer credit to count, it must be accepted by LAS as Sociology coursework.

Liberty University is a private non-profit Christian university headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia. Students enjoy a comfortable, supportive environment while benefiting from opportunities normally found at much larger schools.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

Graduates work in finance and consulting, business, and government. Studying economics can lead to careers in business, banking, government, public policy, private enterprise, education, and more. Business school requirements include courses in accounting, management, mathematics, business ethics, marketing, communications, and management information systems.

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Introduction to the foundations of social research and to the major types of research methods employed in sociology. Students choose higher level courses and electives related to topics such as: Overview of Business Administration Business Communication Global Strategy Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics Notables Students complete three Senior Applied Business Experience course that emphasize experiential learning with a focus on interaction and application of business knowledge.


UAPB has an extended campus in North Little Rock, a number of research and extension offices, and a wide variety of online learning opportunities. Located in Somers, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a public university established in Its signature programs in high-demand fields drive social mobility for USTA students as the university continues to grow.

Use courses taken towards a minor If you complete a minor in another department, you may use the courses you took to complete the minor as supporting coursework, provided they meet the restrictions listed above.

Harvard also offers a BA in Economics.

Students must maintain a C or higher in all units applied toward the major. VSU students pursuing courseqork Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Economics learn about the economic processes that form the foundation of business, social, and political behavior. Students participate in internships at major organizations and companies while taking courses such as: One of these is a BS in Economics. Overview Founded by the Texas legislature inthe University of Texas at San Antonio is a public research university serving over 32, students.

Students take courses such courseeork They build a foundation in economic theory and applications while developing a diverse background in business.