Most of these stages are likely to be included in the report and the reasons for the various design decisions will be carefully described. It is worth noting that lecturers are extremely busy at the end of semesters. When a project is complete it can often be hard to look back and remember what aspects of it had seemed particularly uncertain at the start, and to trace all the problems that were overcome on the way to the successful completion. In such cases, use should be made of quotation marks to make absolutely clear that the sentence is copied textually. All information associated with the project including lists and details of reference material consulted, records of equipment used, sketches of equipment designed, tables of results both raw and processed data , graphs, notes should be included. Skills gained In addition to academic and personal rewards, the project will allow you to gain the following skills: Oral presentations During the last week of the university examinations, a day, sometimes two or three, will be devoted to a series of brief presentations and demonstrations of each project given by the students.

It is a well known fact that not a single teacher is capable of giving up to date and complete information in his own subject. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Objectives Here the objectives of the project are stated clearly and concisely. Before submitting Once you have your final error-free version of your report, submit one hard copy to the review committee and one hard copy to your supervisor, well in advance of the submission deadline. If any problems were encountered, were they handled suitably, was the right type of guidance sought and was the amount of direction required suitable? Written Report When it comes to the written report, the following are some of the things that will be considered during assessment: Regulations The regulations of the University of Dar es Salaam and the College of Engineering and Technology apply to your project work and take precedence over these guidelines.

No marks are explicitly awarded for difficulty.

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Generally speaking, a project report exceeding the maximum length will normally be given fewer marks than work of similar quality that is gormat the maximum length. Try to get the difficulty resolved, setting a fixed date and a clearly stated way of knowing whether your problems are over.

The allocation of a supervisor is carried out in parallel with the assessment of proposed project titles.


udsm research proposal format

Getting help — financial, project progress, changes to initial plan If things start to go wrong, it is important to talk to your project supervisor, academic advisor, or the project coordinator as soon as possible. The final report should be self-contained and resesrch give a clear description of the problem tackled, the objectives of the work, the methods used to solve it, the results obtained and the student’s original contribution.

Some supervisors will want to meet with you more often than this, and it may be that you will need to meet for longer near the start of the project when it is fogmat defined. If an extension is granted the project coordinator will ensure that the student is informed in writing with a copy sent to their supervisor and departmental student file, defining the new deadline. The project is equivalent desearch weight to two taught modules, this providing an approximate indication of the scale of activity involved.

Overall, as you start work you need to keep in view the final objective, fornat is the preparation of a project report in which you submit clear evidence that you carried out a significant piece of work in a coherent and well organised manner, making proper use of known results proposak demonstrating your ability to plan and complete such work within a predefined time scale.

Please check the notice board for up-to-date information and enter the dates in your diary now. Bring this log book with you to your meetings with your researcg and let your supervisor see what you are doing.

GANTT chart Budget — showing costs involved in the execution of the project References For TE you are expected to focus on your progress since your last submission.

The academic members of staff at proposa department are very knowledgeable on a wide range of subject areas. Projects in this category tend to concentrate on introducing the relevant concepts with suitable examples, investigating further examples, making and testing assumptions, developing theorems and proofs, where appropriate, and assessing the results, with attention given in suitable cases to possible applications.

Use this pool of expertise wisely.

It should be obvious that problems are much easier to resolve if found early, fomat if discussed with your various advisers. These reports should record the main milestones of the project, discussing both successes and failures.

If on the contrary you are not motivated, it will be difficult for you to get the necessary level of concentration and dedication that you will need for creative work. Small adjustments to the emphasis that you put on different aspects of the work and foormat to the plan made as you go are of course always acceptable. You are required to: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


TE and TE You are required to carry out two project modules that together form the entire project from beginning to end i. It should be targeted at another engineer who will take over the continuation or maintenance of your work, and therefore, must have access to every detail of your thinking in the design and execution of your task.

In keeping notes it is useful to record failures, frustrations and dead ends as well as successes, since you may well wish to cite some of these to support the choices that you make. It is not enough to just list sources in a bibliography at the end of your project report if you do not acknowledge the actual quotes in the text.

(PDF) Final year project instructions UDSM | Emmanuel Jonas –

Contents and ordering — format, citing references It is suggested that the report should include the following sections. It should generally be unnecessary to quote at length from technical papers or textbooks. For consistency on the programme, the following format should be used: Towards udm end of each section try to give a pointer towards the next section, thus giving continuity to the project report as a whole.

Has the student started writing the final report? See your supervisor about this.

udsm research proposal format

In deciding which project to take, you may find it helpful to answer the following questions: Prior to attending this seminar, it is strongly advised that you undertake some preliminary background work on your project and be able to: Therefore, you should aim to give a professional presentation as if you were addressing a group of managers and engineers in industry. All information associated with the project including lists and details of reference material consulted, records of equipment used, sketches of equipment designed, tables of results both raw and processed datagraphs, notes should be included.

The first chapter of the main body of the report should be the Introduction and the last chapter the Conclusions.