Balanced Scorecard is one of the modern methods of management currently being applied mainly by More information. Chen Abstract Performance appraisal of employee is important in managing the human resource of an organization. Also, taking into account the seasonality question August, main peak of summer , it must be identified some possible patterns during this time. Although lean was born in manufacturing contexts, in recent years many service organizations have started to adopt lean practices. Should We Abandon Performance Measurement! Introduction The term rating system comprises all of the methods, processes, controls, data collection and IT systems that support More information.

Solymosi and Dombi and Barron proposed the rank order centroid weights technique. Total Data Quality Management: In addition, it is safe to state that the developed model can be transversal to other areas that involve the direct delivery business, which may serve as groundwork to develop future work in both theoretical and practical aspects. The Warehouse Ltd Web Portal is free, easy and has improved our accuracy. In conclusion, it is expected that this work will be useful for Sonae MC, and that the developed tools can serve as support not only for the decision-making questions related to the industrial bread suppliers, but also to help identify opportunities for improvement in this direct delivery business, and consequently increase industrial bread sales. Equation 3 shows the representative formula for the final or general service level calculus:

Sonae MC identified the area related to srudy suppliers service levels in the direct store delivery distribution channel as one sonad the areas for improvement, particularly regarding the performance of the industrial bread s direct suppliers – problem to be studied in this paper. This report is the sixth in a series of white papers designed to help forward-thinking distributors increase efficiency, More information.

The time when purchases were made at grocery stores which held all kinds of goods in a small space has long.


Clear focus on the brand Successful brand management Brand Management Portals: It is in this particularly demanding environment that an “old” concept direct store delivery has become increasingly prominent in the logistics area.

Industrial manufacturers as well as CPG companies place a high level of strategic emphasis on growing product revenue while emphasizing a vase in both product cost and product development cost all More information. Through three different insignias – Continente, Modelo and Bom Dia – the company offers a varied and broad range of products to its customers.

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The defined performance indicators that characterize each one of these categories are described in table 1. Develop a method to collect information about the suppliers; 4.

sonae mc case study

Stidy regards the final or general service level, this is calculated by multiplying the sum of the service levels verified in the different categories by their respective and assigned weights. Enterprise Competency Domains Layer 2: Balanced Scorecard is one of the modern methods of management currently being applied mainly by.

sonae mc case study

In this context, adequately managing the change process is key. Enterprise Technology More information. The mathematical operations that the model sttudy to determine the service levels by category and general are shown below: It was concluded that there is a general lack of control in operations performed by the suppliers distributors, as well as the measurement of their performance.

The programs advise everything from new product More information. Sage Business Intelligence Datasheet Sage Business Intelligence Datasheet Business Intelligence comes as standard as part of the Sage Suite giving you a unified and integrated view of all your data, with complete management dashboards, More information.

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Kaplan and Norton proposed the balanced scorecard tool for assessing performance through four perspectives: A balanced scorecard approach. Determine the importance of business logistics. Over the years, and with the improvement of the relationships with suppliers, companies have been realizing about the critical nature of these relations, to the point of referring to their suppliers as business partners. A method for supply base reduction.


In a study by Laarhoven et al. Determine the importance of business logistics More information.

sonae mc case study

A minimum desired service level of was set. Typically these loans are given while a revenue loan is still outstanding, but the md owner More information. DSD ensures faster supply cycles; it allows the products to be properly handled, and ensures a better product presentation on the shelf; reduces the inventory level; it also reduces the number of out-of-stock product times on average.

Journal of Business Logistics, 27 2Sarkar, A. A method for determining the weights of criteria: At last, in the literature, there are many authors who have made different types of studies that focus, or at least xase, different ways to implement a supplier evaluation system into a company s business strategy Bourne et al. Third party logistics in Slnae five years later.

Introduction Over the last few years, supply chain management has been receiving further attention as a major performance driver for many companies from different industries.

Work places have changed, too, as have the variety and sources of beverages the LCBO sells. This is fase of the most important indicators to retain from the supplier evaluations, since the reinforcement in the replenishment operation can solve many in-store problems. Retrieved from cmsc Kaplan, R.