However, this is not the universal new year for all Hindus. Each and every moment of the day on which Gudi Padwa is celebrated is considered to be very auspicious. In this festival, every place History, Religion and Culture of Essay. For some, such as those in and near Gujarat, the new year festivities coincide with the five day Diwali festival.

The Gudi Padwa is the festival of grand celebration of the new year, and it mostly celebrated the people of Deccan. The Gudi is made by purchasing a bright green or yellow silken cloth with a zari brocade on it and tying it on to a long bamboo stick. It is the coincides with the Udagi celebration in Andhra Pradesh. It has a turbulent history in Post this, they bathe in special oils and aromatics.

Rangoli is one of the most popular and quintessentially Indian forms of decorating the house during auspicious Hindu festivals.

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Gudi Padwa is a harvest festival. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the festival is celebrated as Ugadi. Villages or neighborhoods also come together and host a community Gudhi Kavadwhich they carry together to the local Shiva temple.

Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad.

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According to Anne Feldhausin rural Maharashtra the festival is linked to Shiva’s dance and coming together of the community as they carry the Gudhi Kavads together to a Shiva temple. Earlier, it was a Roman calendar which Gudi Padwa marks the Maharashtrian New Year. Many men and women also tie a turban gui their heads in saffron colored cotton cloth. Gudhi Esszy signifies the arrival of spring and to the reaping of Rabi crops.


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Gudi Padwa is observed in the month of Chaitraaccording to the luni-solar calendar, and is considered an auspicious day that marks the New Year, celebrates the onset of spring and the reaping of Rabi crops. There is no particular motif that Gudi Padva warrants in a Rangoli. The Gudi then is a symbol of victory and prosperity. Gudhi means flag, erect flag on the houses as part of celebration in Maharashtra where its mainly celebrated.

This, like the pacchadi recipe used in Ugadi festival, is eaten as a reminder of life’s sweet and bitter experiences, as well as a belief that the neem-based mixture has health benefits.

small essay on gudi padwa

Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. For the people of Mahrashtra, there is an added significance to this festival. The day also marks the beginning of Chaitra Navratrithat lead up to Ram Navami.

Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival

Since the main celebration exsay Gudi Padwa takes place in Maharashtra, the attire worn by the celebrants, especially women is very traditional to the region. Festivals in the Hindu english. In this festival, every place A silver or copper pot is placed padwa the inverted position over it. A lot of things are demanded of you, and oftentimes it seems like It marks the end of the Rabi season.

The festival commemorates the coronation of Rama post his return to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


This page was last edited on 16 Aprilat Gudi Gudi, meaning Brahma’s flag Brahmadhvajis hoisted by people on the day of Gudi Padwa, as a symbol of victory of good over evil. Army Day smapl India 15th January This ensemble is accessorized with a garland of mogra flowers in the hair, which is tied in a bun, along with xmall elaborate gold nose pin.

It is believed that Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, celebrated leader of the Maratha clan, led the troops to victory and attained freedom for the kingdom from the dominion of the Mughals in that area.

small essay on gudi padwa

Video on people celebrating Gudi Padwa, the musical way. A Gudhi Padwa new year festive procession in Maharashtra. The vibrant colors of the rangoli and the flowers used in its making reflect the splash of colors and life that this season brings with it.

On top of the cloth then, neem leaves, gathi a Maharashtrian sweet preparationa garland of red or yellow flowers and a twig with mango leaves are also tied. Guide for using medical cannabis – How to use medical cannabis?

Sometimes, a paste of neem leaves is prepared and mixed with jaggery, and tamarind.