Yes, just like buying anything different to you there is a learning curve but it’s not a hard one. En esta empresa aprendi a ser mas independiente y mas segura. April 10, I was introduce to Saladmaster on I asked for my account be refunded. Discovery has been provided to Payza They are all very happy with the products as well.

You can put it to better use somewhere else or on a less expensive set that’s just as good. So that we may assist you better, please call our Customer Service team and speak to one of Customer Service Specialist. The steamer-strainer pan is very important for steaming ground beef the steamed ground beef allows the grease to fall into the boiling water below; which is discarded. Make the best choice, every time Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. I’m not someone who takes the time to review products, but I really feel I should share my experience so it can help others. The time frame of cooking is less.

MLM Commission Qualification To qualify for MLM commissions each month, a SaladMaster affiliate must recruit at least one affiliate sell one set of SaladMaster cookware and cook a minimum of four dinners Retail Commissions Retail commissions are paid out on the sale of SaladMaster cookware sets to retail customers.

Healthy cooking and lifestyle is the best benefits I ever learned and adapt in this company because until now we are using the product.

I helped set up everything and cook the food, serve the guests and clean up afterwards Hardest part was carrying the heavy cookware, easiest part was eating the good food. It’s ordinary, the Products are not unique as they were suppose to be and they are very very expensive.


To see why, sign up below! During that first year, Mr. I brought it to the attention of the seller but received no response. I returned a pot due to pock marks inside the pot and a lid due to chipping.

My cookware has been through a fire, we were vacationing in Texas a few years later, and I took the damaged pans into the Dallas office. Get job for the go getter. Dear BJ, We are so pleased to hear your satisfaction of being a happy user and owner of Saladmaster.

You are also welcome to call our Saladmaster U. I purchased a Professional Saladmaster Set. Dear Beverly, We are so pleased to hear your story of being a long time happy user and owner of Saladmaster products. Saladmaster’s warranty does not cover the handles This is something SaladMaster should have taken a lesson or two away from, but instead you get this in their compensation plan:.

Working at Saladmaster: Employee Reviews |

I got my set of Saladmaster pots years ago. We went to an event and booked a dinner.

saladmaster business plan

Saladmaster Employee Reviews Review this company. Not sure how this company is in business after so many years. I was impressed the method of cooking and the tastes of the food was amazing. I salasmaster still waiting for the rest to show up.


Saladmaster Employee Reviews

We certainly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us; all of our customer comments and suggestions are always valuable to us. July 9, Saladmaster response. My biggest regret is paying a lot of my hard earned cash for these worthless products. It looks sapadmaster new still and I have always used the dishwasher to clean it.

SaladMaster Review: Stainless steel cookware with no transparency

Fun and Enjoyable workplace. We are so pleased to hear your story of being a long time happy user and owner of Saladmaster products. So the claim that food will cost you less because more nutrition is kept in the food when you use their product makes no sense. This is a genuine marketing strategy to drive retail sales, by using the cookware to market itself.

SaladMaster Review: Stainless steel cookware with no transparency

I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Very dissatisfied with this product and want every to know. Thanks for a quality product!

saladmaster business plan

Be in the know Get trending consumer businezs and recalls. Wonderful way to learn about nutrition and earn an income while working a part-time flexible schedule. Hard to believe but the set I bought was for my “Hope Chest”!