Significance of the Study The researcher is expected to study overall view towards inclusive education. British Journal of Educational Studies, 58 4 , It is acquirable as well as innate. Curricular Engagement to be most fundamentally a relational process focused on capacity-building and grounded in the principles of servant leadership: These three steps are need able.

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Stimulation, self-direction, achievement, power, security, conformity, traditions, universalism, benevolence, hedonism, justice, honesty, faith, service, mai, integrity, peace, trust, caring, loyalty, love, non-violence, sympathy.

How society accepts result? For this purpose, the government of India started the concept of inclusive education– but nowadays there is low seriousness about inclusive education.

It is exploration, how researcher has tried for solving problem? All research thesis or papers should checked on this basis. In its discourse, it deals with issues such as existence, knowledge, values, reasons, mind and language.


nagina mali research paper

For the purpose of this study, researcher considers love, peace, truth, wisdom, integrity, justice, co-existence, service, devotion and contentment as universal human values.

Central School, Khasbag, Kolhapur, Mob.: Hence it is important. It may be Ph. Educational Research and Evaluation. Should be measured it may be qualitative or quantitative.

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Maoi is a process like input process output. To impress upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition www. Authenticity concerns the truthfulness of origins attributes commitments sincerity devotion and intention.

The Value of a Textbook References 1. Achievement demonstrates the competence of individuals, according to the standards of society. Mentoring is identical part of the research. It may understand as a science of studying how research done scientifically.

nagina mali research paper

Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Teacher is representative of constructivist approach.

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For almost century students of Education are under the impression that learning is change in behavior which expect to cause learning in students, but this view is changing in the context of the constructivist approach which is bringing Reseearch or Research papers also.


Inclusive education inculcate universal human values in children with special needs and normal children Scope of the Study 1.

It is dimension for this reason. Feedback action, decision making, multiple intelligences. Hence, how researcher has presented their experiences, figures, charts, sequencing should be evaluation dimension.

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This kind of education turns children into machines.

nagina mali research paper

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