These two powerful, smooth power units benefit from a revision to the settings of the sophisticated five-speed automatic transmission to ensure smoother gear shifts and hence a considerable increase in driving comfort. The Lancia Dialogos is easy to drive. This transmission is combined with an innovative Ego-mode system. In-car well-being also means being able to customise your Thesis by means of Lancia Personal Selection that can be used to customise car settings directly via the CONNECT system – or by means of a setting Memory that allows you to adjust the front seats, rear view mirrors and steering wheel to your own satisfaction and then recall the same settings whenever you want at the press of a key. The active front differential which should not be confused with a self-locking differential improves car pulling power and stability. It is therefore possible to record environmental conditions such as gradients or grip on the road and diagnose any anomalies e.

When unused, it becomes part of the floor and can be used as a footrest. The car also reacts dynamically according to the preferences of the driver: The head-restraints and armrests are made out of constant thickness cushions. With the gearbox, handbrake and stalk unit done away with, car use is simplified to the greatest degree. Hence the need for individual air outlets and the option of choosing an air temperature and flow pattern different from the setting selected at the front. When entering a bend, drive torque is transferred to the outer wheel in order to exploit car traction to the full and increase lateral hold. The robotised transmission is a conventional transmission fitted with an electro-hydraulic actuator.

Once sitting down, the seat moves back in and round lancoa the driving position. This transmission is combined with an innovative Ego-mode system. It embodies the concept of an evolving tradition. Structured data Items portrayed in this file depicts P All the strengths of the Lancia flagship have been retained.

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This includes 6 sensors that determine the speed of each wheel in relation to the body so that the system can compute the optimal damping force to be delivered by each individual shock absorber, virtually insulating the car from the road.


IT Francavilla fontana. These owe their name to the fact that the beam changes direction, intensity, divergence and light distribution pattern according to car speed, type of road, the position of other cars oncoming cars and cars in front and atmospheric conditions. The car interior lights up by itself a little touch of magic.

To explore future worlds, where technology makes every dream come true.

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The name describes a car able to receive signals and decode them. The car features a man-machine interface system, a sort of on-board assistant that sees to everything.

The car recognises the driver and adapts to his or her habits: These conditions can be customised and memorised. The side screens can be configured according to whether cilore car is driven on the left or right. Life in an ideal microclimate Imagine an ideal microclimate where all climatic, acoustic, visual and even olfactory conditions transmit pleasant, protective, healthy and relaxing sensations. The result is a great deluxe saloon with the same standards of roominess, comfort and performance throughout.

Screens, keyboards, a fridge, small table and document holders all appear from inside the furnishings, when they are needed.

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When entering a bend, drive torque is transferred to the outer wheel in order to exploit car traction to the full and increase lateral hold.

The trim covers the seats and forms an unbroken central band around the passenger compartment. Be it navigator, radio, climate control system or screen, we should not have to adapt to the way it works. The body that the Lancia Style Centre has dreamed up for this paragon contains frequent references to the past and pointers to the future.


Three important themes are developed on this concept car: Because it is hinged at the base, it can be driven equally well on the left or on the right.

The styling rejects the idea of a wedge attacking the asphalt in favour of an upturned wedge shape.

lancia thesis bi colore

NL XR Roermond. The unit achieves this by managing the drive torque applied to the front wheels in differential manner.

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Prototype with 3,2 V6. The differential therefore adjusts to different driving styles lanncia driver tastes to make the car more docile — or alternatively more edgy and poised for action. All this information is transferred to control systems on the car robotised transmission, active differentialwhich adapt to the situation in hand to tjesis greater safety and better performance. Side display functions are reversible, according to whether the car is being driven from the left or right. The seats are the very latest thing when it comes to comfort and ergonomics.

The front armchairs are supported by a sturdy central mount but look as though they are hanging in the air. Generous, comfortable and relaxing, the car stands out for the painstaking care that went into the choice of materials and for ideas that guarantee top quality air, illumination and sound levels, and the ergonomics of the seats and interior upholstery.

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Compartments and spaces are present, but hidden, waiting to open when needed. Information is controlled by a joystick similar to a home remote control unit positioned between the front seats. The exclusive saloon is also equipped with a state-of-the-art ABS with an integral electronic brakeforce distributor EBD.