When I read it I loved the adventure and as a class we loved it more than any other book. Your search has returned site pages. Getting on with writing provides exactly this. About us About Teachit Teaching resources you can trust By teachers, for teachers Teachit has always been about supporting teachers and sharing resources. Fix it writing – student handbook This photocopiable workbook includes activities and resources to accompany the teacher handbook, enabling students to improve and build on their core writing skills.

A poster with information about the Commonwealth Games. Introduction to English Introduction to English transition resources A selection of activities to introduce students to key topics in English, including poetry, reading and Shakespeare. It is a very funnily heartbreaking book which is packed with fascinating situations and solutions. Azmat from England Awesome I love the book!

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Kensuke’s Kingdom | Teaching Ideas

Hajra from UK When I read it I loved the adventure and as a class we loved it more than any other book. Too much time, and the learning itself has been neglected! Animal Farm pack Designed for the English Literature GCSE specifications, this teaching pack will provide you with lesson ideas, discussion points and creative resources.

Daniela from Ireland One of my kenxukes books of all time!! I would really recommend it, but I would love to know the story behind it. I absolutely love this book! Joe from UK I listened to it in school and I really enjoyed it. We publish new resources every week covering a range of topics, areas and key stages. Shafira from Salsiah I love this book!


Kensuke’s Kingdom Teacher’s Notes

Hollie from Canvey Island I read it at school and I love it so much. Grace Its a great book I think it should be bought by different people from ages 10 and up.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

KS5 English Literature Key stage 5 English Literature resource library You’ll find resources for many of the set texts in this library, and some geared towards specific exam boards too. Kris from Finland Simply Amazing The same again, it’s a really touching inspirational book, based on a garden that has many wonders. My teacher finished reading this book with this and our class doesnt really read books aand so it blew us away.

Get groups presenting kinbdom theme: Marking work from David Didau This is the second of our Teachit e-newsletters featuring English teaching essentials — planning, marking and literacy. Daniel from England Boring.

The book is about a boy named Michael who disappeared the night before his 12th birthday when he fell off a boat named the Peggy Sue. Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own.

Big Fan ohmework UK We read this particular book in class.

I disagree about it taking a while to get into, I thought it was exiting from the very start. I remember thinking, this is silly, you haven’t got your homewofk harness on, you haven’t got your lifejacket on. Kensuke’s Kingdom is an amazing book and I think it is an adventures book and should be read by pupils from the age 9 and up.


KS2 COMPLETE | Kensuke’s Kingdom

knesukes Soria from London This book was given to my reading group. Of course, every single resource on the site will be loved by someone and that’s the beauty of Teachit — the breadth and eclectic mix.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

Avery from Canada My teacher finished reading this book with this and our class doesnt really read books aand so it blew us away. Aleisha from Perth WA Never read any book better. It’s full of action and problems which makes any book interesting. We’ve also indicated the level of teacher input required throughout. Michael from Wales I like Michael Morpurgo books because his book’s are so good. Natascha from Pakistan It was an amazing book filled with adventure and also had small small parts which were sad.

Key stage 3 Key stage 3 resource library There’s something for all your key stage 3 learners here, and you’ll find them in each of the main subject areas.

I would recommend this book to everyone. He only just realised he is not alone.