Maintenance Registration Maintenance Inquiries. Pro-active Monitoring Relying solely on receiving alerts from the remote entities to monitor device health is not full-proof, as the network device could in fact be powered off and never be able to send an alert. Depending on the industry in which you do business, there may be one or more compliance regulations that require auditing to occur. The company produces innovative products of digital and satellite communication that makes the secure, fast and efficient communication in any location. Some organizations with already established SNMP based systems may have the need to receive copies of the alerts received from the network. Configuration Management Effective configuration management ensures that devices contain the right configuration based on policy.

Users can create their own customized reports using standard SQL database tools such as Crystal Report. Configure time server An administrator changes configuration parameters associated with a particular time server. Manage time servers The administrator adds a time server to, or removes a time server from, the network. With pre-configuration, an authenticated user connected to PerleVIEW can connect to any of the devices without re-authenticating again to the device. System must be accessed through a web browser in different platforms i. Sketch views and record design decisions The diagram in Fig.

This trap is logged by the management system and depending on the severity, triggers an event notification which fase generate a manual or automatic activity.

PerleVIEW can automatically discover and identify devices attached to the network. They may be less detailed than those on the server side Communication modules CS These modules consume the services provided by the application running on the server side Services server side SS This layer contains modules that expose services that are consumed by the clients Business logic SS This ccaps contains modules that perform business logic operations that require processing on the server side.

fcaps case study

Share buttons are a little bit lower. These probes interrogate the health of the target system, acquiring all of the latest status and information.


As with all managed network components, various parameters can be set. Sketch views and record design decisions The diagram in Fig. And in those small fcapd, it is often the work of a small group of trusting individuals to complete the network build and administration tasks.

Managing Large-Scale Deployments

In fact, many of these databases are redundant, in order to increase the robustness of the system to normal faults. The network growth has also assumed that the databases that are distributed over multiple servers. PerleVIEW offers an information collecting task that is used to gather studg details such as port statistics from the target device. Ad-Hoc Management Most networks begin small.

This is helpful to support limited-bandwidth connections. Your ability to show successful compliance to network security regulations and prove your configuration can prevent you from expensive and damaging litigation.

case study fcaps report

This is generally done via pre-stored email or SMS addresses. W Design should have following quality attribute: Periodic SNMP probes interrogate the health of all your Perle devices on the network ensuring that you have the most update information on stkdy network devices.

Maintenance Options Americas Europe.

fcaps case study

These group names can then be used for user authorization, views and device tasks. Serial Cards Parallel Cards. A relational database server must be used CON The user can expand and collapse the network representation.

FCAPS model is developed.

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By relying on the already established Windows Server security infrastructure that has been adopted by the enterprise, PerleVIEW is fxaps protected and can capitalize on the change management, Active Directory policy management and strong authentication schemes that already exist. Create CLI studyy that can be used for various device activities such as large scale configuration changes. Roles The PerleVIEW Administrator has the responsibility of managing the entire operation of PerleVIEW, the roles of operators that manage specific device stusy and what level of control that these users have over the network.


Moreover we will analyse the case study and the reasons for the issues in the cases. Devices that are not at the latest level are easily identified. It isolates and abstracts operations with the time servers to support communication with different type of time server. Easily perform firmware updates to a large number of devices through simple deploy device firmware tasks.

Administrators can also take cqse of utilizing established Microsoft Groups to profile PerleVIEW users and what roles they can have within the system. Perform Analysis of Current Design and Review Iteration Goal and Achievement of Design Purpose The following table summarize the design proress using the Kanban board technique Not Addressed Partially Addressed Completed Addressed Design Decision Made during the Fdaps QA-2 Introduction of a time server access module in the data layer on the server application that encapsulates communication with the time servers.

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Display information The user displays stored information about the time server- configuration values and other parameters such as the server name UC Download Free Trial Get a quote. Internal communication between components in the client is managed through local methods calls and does not need particular support Create a module dedicated to access the time servers in the data layer of the Service Application reference architecture The service agents component from the reference architecture is adapted to abstract the access to the time servers.

Other technologies still need to be selected e. Depending on the industry in which you do business, there may be one or more compliance regulations that require auditing to occur.

fcaps case study