He also had Hindus sacked from their government jobs and employed Muslims instead. Guru tegh bahadur sahib founded. The execution hardened the resolve of Sikhs against Muslim rule and the persecution. Writers of Guru Granth Sahib. He is neither attached to the worldliness, nor lets senses and anger affect him. Live Harmandir Sahib Kirtan.

But he was disappointed as he sensed something wrong. Guru Sahib toured this area about one and half year. The Sikhs began to call him Teg Bahadur after the battle of Kartarpur against Painda Khan in which he proved to be great sword-player or gladiator. Bhai lahna ji, later on guru angad sahib was installed as the. This section does not cite any sources.

Tegh Bahadur, the eighth successor of Guru Nanak became a man of authority with a large number of followers. A wealthy trader, Baba Makhan Shah Labanahad once prayed for his life and had promised to gift gold coins to the Sikh Guru if he survived.

He spent his childhood at amritsar. Learning a foreign language and being able to acquire it really has something to do with how serious you.

Their Religious Beliefs and Practices. The young Tegh Bahadur soon showed a bent in the direction of the earlier Sikhs Gurus who had passed the ‘seli’ of Nanak the sacred headgear of renunciation to each new Guru. Sri guru tegh bahadur ji punjbi born on vaisakh. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji accepted teggh spiritual succession but never liked to be dragged into the mire of competition with the imposters.


Shastars of guru tegh bahadur. Kya yeh bhi haram hai in urdu, aik tere kami hai kanwal riaz.

Guru Tegh Bahadur

The associates of the Guru were also tortured for refusing to convert: Guru punjabbi bahadur resisted the forced. But when the doors were not opened, Guru Ji went away and stayed in a nearby village of Vallah in the humble dwelling of a peasant couple. Guru ka mahal, amritsar. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib. When asked by his followers as to who would lead them after him, he replied Baba Bakale, meaning his successor was to be found in Bakala.

He had witnessed and even participated in the battles of Amritsar and Kartarpur. Aurangzeb also ordered Gurdwaras to be destroyed, and he expelled many missionaries from the main cities.

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

Martyrdom Of Guru Tegh Bahadur. Guru gobind singh history in hindi and all information about. Meet him in person in the. Childhood of guru tegh bahadur ji.

essay on guru tegh bahadur ji in punjabi

The Sikhs began to call him Teg Bahadur after the battle of Kartarpur against Painda Khan in which he proved to be great sword-player or gladiator. You are commenting using your WordPress. Retrieved 14 November Part of a series on.


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The name tegh bahadur, means mighty. There was a wave of mass conversion in India and Sher Afgan Khan an imperial viceroy first tried this practice in In.

essay on guru tegh bahadur ji in punjabi

When you prayed to God to save you and your ship from the terrible storm you promised gold pieces to the Guru”. An entry in Bhatt Vahi Multani Sindhi reads: An eclipse of the Sun was due sesay there was a fair and a large gathering.

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To cope with the scarcity of water many community wells were dug on the behest of Guru Sahib by performing Kar-Sewa free service. The Encyclopedia of Sikhism over Entries. A Gurdwara Sangat Tola now marks the place where Guru Sahib used to deliver holy sermons to the audience.

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