The mind of Neil Gaiman works in mysterious ways, specifically when we consider how space is employed in his works. Maps and Territories identifies such preoccupations as a fundamental underlying impetus for the contemporary French novel. Research also suggested that screencast feedback offered some benefits with respect to the quality of interaction between the teacher and students. Mapping and Spatial Studies: The length of the screencasts could be identified depending on the level and age of the students. Globally considered, screencast feedback in its current state could take as much time as feedback provided through the written medium.

Talking with students through screencasting: Such positive attitudes towards screencast feedback could be attributed to various features of it. These coexisting visions of the Sahara lend themselves well to an examination of the production of space in contemporary Sahrawi literature. Click here to sign up. If the teacher provides feedback for a student paragraph, several minutes could be fine. The length of the screencasts could be identified depending on the level and age of the students. In some cases, screencast feedback could be as much time consuming as written feedback depending on the screen recording software used, the speed of connection and computer skills of the teacher.

In this paper, Orientalism and Culture and Imperialism have been chosen as the basic references for Said’s approach which is also critiqued with reference to various papers and views pondering on hisapproach.

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Individualization, in the form of pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding and re-watching, could improve the quality of communication by boosting comprehension. Remember me on this computer. Camtasia in the classroom: The students particularly liked the way the teacher provided specific feedback and clarified how particular features of their writing were scored using a rubric.


Having fun during the lessons is helpful for learning. Martinezfor example, reported that screencast feedback was no less time-consuming than written feedback.

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Precisely because of this, its nature, definition, context and repercussions are yet to be worked out Emergent from multiple intellectual traditions—including humanistic geography, the spatial turn in the critical humanities, and postcolonial theory—spatial studies understand space and place as the product of social relations and maintain a critical, de-essentializing politics: In our first lesson with new teacher, he got ignored from her and his will of learning was broken.

The idea of a homeland and the image of the desert is written in both realistic representations and in fantastic considerations. Scholars of space and place, moreover, remain committed to mapping both as method and object of analysis.

Yet, a positive side of this could be lack of pressure as the teacher is physically not there Lee, The quality of communication gets higher in screencast feedback due to the rapport established.

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It presents a combination of audio comments with on-screen actions to guide students in revisions that they will make in their writing Stannard,cited in Lee, Exploring student perceptions of audiovisual feedback via screencasting in online courses. Participants in this study also reported that they found screencast feedback more valuable than written feedback but less useful than ielimeleri writing conferences.

On the other hand, feedback on essays could take more than 15 minutes. However, the shorter the better because longer screencasts fssay be boring and counter-productive. Most people learn by learn by doing new things, reading about new things or listening to esay. Active Learning in Higher Education, 15 1 Student attitudes and preferences for video commentary or Microsoft Word comments during the revision process. The next section elaborates on such benefits.


My thesis is that the Sahara is portrayed in multifaceted ways that serve specific functions for the articulation of identity, community, and home.

Space and Place

Probably due to its professional appearance, creating a screencast could be thought of the job of an expert. By the same token, reporting his informal in-class experiences, Whitehurst July 16, noted that she received lots of positive feedback from her students when she provided screencast feedback.

Another benefit that allows flexibility is ease of access. However, as the number of papers a teacher has to check increases, it is likely that the amount and quality of written feedback usually suffer Whitehurst, July 16, Notwithstanding, if we get bored during the lessons, we will look our watches and wait until the bell.

While providing screencast feedback, keli,eleri is possible to use underlining, coloring, bolding, boxing and other similar highlighting strategies. Remember me on this computer. Mersin University Journal of the Faculty of Education, 13 1 For example, Jing does not allow its users to zoom in a particular section kelieleri the screen, but using an application like ZoomIt, one could increase the capabilities of the software.

Mudimbe, Yi-Fu Tan, and others to examine the literary representation of the Sahara in contemporary Sahrawi literature. Using video technology for improving student writing. The use of screencasts could bring about some affective benefits as well. Workflows are in place to continue the regular expansion and enhancement of the project.