On the evening of July 30, , Marjorie Farber telephoned the Coppolinos in a state of panic. She found Farber dead. Edmund Webb, that he was “very bitter, confused and frankly frightened. But, Ed, until one is in my same position, I don’t think they have a right to judge. What followed was brutal and at times belligerent. The prosecution’s theory was that Carl injected his victims with succinylcholine, a curare-like drug.

Milton Helpern, New York ‘s chief medical examiner. It was a sensational tale, one that would fill front pages across the nation for months: The New Jersey trial, which came first, resulted in an acquittal. When his wife died of a freak heart attack at age 32, Dr. To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive.

Helpern was emphatic on both points, although Bailey drew from him the grudging admission that there was no bruising about the neck, as would normally have been present if strangulation had occurred. High on the list was money. Vincent Keuper; second trial: Poisoning anaesthetic succinylcholine chloride.

Lee Bailey knew his only hope lay in totally discrediting Marjorie Farber. Helpern scoffed at such an idea. The Crime That Never Was.

She was replaced by Milton Helpern. AprilVerdicts: Farber who had aroused police ccase against Coppolino after he spurned her for wealthy Divorcee Mary Gibson, 39, whom he married six weeks after Carmela’s death, she had little to offer the current trial. But the doctor had other plans. He developed a romantic relationship with his neighbor, Marjorie Farber.


dr. coppolino case study

This is monumental and shameful proof that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It did, but the married woman picked up a new habit. Also, Farber’s cricoid — a cartilage in the larynx — was fractured, indicating that he had been strangled.


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She heard Coppolino tearfully describe how he had just found his wife dead, ostensibly from a heart attack. Disaster struck when Carmela Coppolino failed the Florida medical examination. Marjorie Farber testified to overhearing Coppolino on the phone after his wife’s death, saying, “They have started the arterial work and that won’t show vase.

dr. coppolino case study

The widow, Marjorie, followed, purchasing an adjacent lot. It was damning stuff.

Wife and death: Doc gives murder and adultery a shot

Meanwhile, the bad doctor developed collateral complications. She found Farber dead. Prosecutor Vincent Keuper declared that Coppolino had not only broken the commandment “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife,” but also “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s life. He served 12 years, before being let out for good behaviour.


The doctor of death used succinylcholine chloride, a muscle relaxant used by anesthesiologists, to kill his wife and allegedly William Farber.

She found Farber dead. At the end of a two-day ordeal, she limped from the stand, her credibility in tatters. Sam Sheppard and Coppolino and liked to brag about having an impressive string of 19 victories in homicide cases. These findings led to dual charges of homicide being filed against Coppolino. Instead, he smothered Farber with a pillow. The stud moved to posh Longboat Key, near Sarasota. He first administered a sedative, then attempted to suffocate Farber by wrapping a plastic bag around his head.

dr. coppolino case study

He wrote journal articles on the subject that he expanded into how-to books for doctors. So that he could marry his lover. Though it was Mrs. It also remains a classic of cross-examination.

On appeal it is incumbent for defendant to show that the trial judge abused his discretion.