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Vaclav Smil has also elaborated on the unpredictability of international power dynamics, demonstrating the stark differences between the geoeconomic experiences of Russia and China in the last four decades. American hegemony and the historiography of empires in decline The idea of imperial overstretch is not new to modern history. A highly integrated central metropole, a periphery that is fractured enough not to provide any reasonable competition, and a common interest religious, military, political that can integrate the periphery with the metropole. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Norsk Edit links. In light of the financial data presented, this does not seem feasible unless a drastic reduction in either the number of wars, the number of troops, or the amount the United States is borrowing to maintain these fronts is dramatically reduced. The author laments that the U. Aside from the sheer complexity of explaining the constant flux of global power dynamics, any discussion of this subject is made more challenging due to the problematic nature of what empire actually means.


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define imperial overstretch thesis

I am happy to have finally discovered someone critical of applying Alex Tocquville. Political terminology Political term stubs.

define imperial overstretch thesis

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American hegemony and the historiography of empires in decline The idea of imperial overstretch is not new to modern history.

American Grand Strategy from to the Present Ithaca: Notes [1] Kennedy, Paul. Cambridge University Press,pp. Might Washington, like Rome, fall victim to imperial overstretch? Iimperial University Press, You are commenting using your WordPress.

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A brief historiography of imperial overstretch and its relationship to American hegemony

Maier argued that the term was so polarizing, it led to an oversimplification of the varied experiences great powers could have on the world stage.

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Thesia embeds this type of policy in the language of partnership particularly with Europe and balance of power rather than hegemony, avoiding the subtext of American dominance in such a relationship. Like Alexis de Tocqueville, who Kennedy could claim as a predecessor, he saw an emergent bipolar world, dominated by Russia and the United States. To find out more, including how to control cookies, oversteetch here: Paul Kennedy’s view has been criticised from many directions, including the postmodern historiographer Hayden White[6] economic historian Niall Ferguson [7] and from Marxist writers such as Perry Anderson [ citation needed ] and Alex Callinicos.


Arrighi and Silver note overstertch the conclusion of U. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: There, they state the United States is currently involved in five simultaneous wars: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Google account. The author laments that the U. Temple University Consortium on Grand Strategy.

Or will nature disrupt America’s new world order? See also Andrew Bacevich, American Empire: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.