The same goes on with different organizations. Santos and return the envelope. A government employee should be very conscious of the time; they should utilize the time well. This is due to the fact that most of the mountains are already denuded which lead to the occurrence of natural calamities like flashfloods and landslides. People from all walks of life shall be treated equally.

What people sees on us, they tend to generalized it as if others are like what we are especially on the way we act and appear to them. In the situation given, Roy is right when he said that his boss should not be exempted from the policy implemented for the late comers since like him, his boss always come to work late time also. In the scenario given, Josie is right. These were thoroughly explained with the help of some situations. Now, it makes sense why we are so called public servants. And these natural calamities destroyed many lives and properties of many people.

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csc dlp case study

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. By Margarita Teresa Casia. Santos to return her money. It is not his boss fault if his house is ccase from the office then.


Gift giving is a sign of gratitude and refusing a gift offered by somebody is already an insult. As mentioned in R. Along with this progress, it is corresponded by the increased of number of population in well improved and developed society. By the people, and for the people.


csc dlp case study

It is not good to see employeesreporting to office for work late, and then once he arrives in the office the people who need hisservice are already waiting for him.

And refusal of accepting fase gift offered or given might be an insult to someone who took effort to give it. For me, government cover-ups to what is really happening is somewhat of a necessity because as a public servant, we would always look into the means to where we could etudy the economic growth.


And sometimes they do make judgments on the employees based on what they see. Reason for this whistleblowing is to ask protection andattention from the people and the media. Whistle-blowing is an act of informing higher authorities about illegal or unethical practices that is observed. I blame the capitalistic system because it exploits the poor.

Distance Learning Program R. This was a good reminder and guide for us in the public service. What I have in mind is that, she goes first to the office of the DENR who has the main right about the issue. On the other hand, his boss is not right when he said that Roy should wait until he becomes a boss.

Splurging yourself to expensive clothes that runs of out of style after months is irresponsible disposal of income. It is not good to see a government employee doing such thing.

Though it is true that she can afford to buy expensive jewelries but still it is not proper to wear them when going to work place.


Csc dlp case study

If you gamble more than what you can gamble that is already immorality because you have forsaken your needs just to gamble.

Unfortunatelymy honesty was not converted into points in those exams and I failed.

In doing this, the employee has to be rigid and should have all the necessary evidences before doing it. I believe he is aware of these things. The case is all about an unlawful act of cutting trees from an allegedly Army Colonel in dlo name of Alonzo who is being inspected by the assigned forest guard in the area in the name of Rick.

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It was when I started reading the content of the book that I began to realize the importance of R. Dressing in proper business attire is important for every business professional because it gives the message that you are dedicated to your position.

Being a government employee, you should uphold the public casf over and above persona interest. The envelope crisp of money left by Mrs.

csc dlp case study

With media attention, it will also gainattention to the populace which pressures the authorities concerned to take an action. There should be learnings on the segregation matters and on how to be safe at all times.