The project may be carried out within the School of Chemistry teaching and research laboratories or in an industrial laboratory by arrangement and approval of the Head of School. Those high achievers also pay in efforts to secure good results. They added some of the chapters of further maths in the old system to the Maths T in the new system. Dear Readers If you have been following my blogspot and my YouTube, I am sure you are interested to know where can you get the notes, right? List of approved essay services.

Well I have a list of my classmates’ IC no but I ain’t doing it You can never be satisfied ei? Like, I’m sure some of you got A- and wonder if your final result can be A so you end up repeating the A- right? If government does some changes after hearing the complaints, you complain the government lowers the standard and that the change in system is rubbish. There are a fair share of challenges in this new system. Feb 6 ,

This answer is given base on personal experience. I will also in the future after work with all this statistical work is done release my theory of how the results are calculated which will hopefully be proven by these statistics.


chemistry coursework stpm 2016

I had 22016 my post Dear readers I believe this is the moment that you all are waiting for. Thank you for your support For order, please send me an email at ckmonds gmail. Contoh soalan selidik kerja kursus Do bear in mind that this is just suggested answer based on my experiences and its not the real STPM answer scheme.

 ̄Chemistry Project STPM 2015/2016_

At least there is hope. We only get our cert in early Apr. Are you a student there?

chemistry coursework stpm 2016

Been busy with studying for Term 3 Repeats. Congrats for scoring flying colours!!

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For example, in the old system, not everything from the sylabus will come out during the exam since only one exam is taken so they can ‘spot’ questions and chemistgy hard topics may not come out.

I have a senior who got 4.

During my time, it was a do-or-die kind of thing. Hence it may only be treated as a reference only and not something for you to argue. Is anyone good with that kind of thing? You got it as well?

chemistry coursework stpm 2016

So don’t you dare patronise anyone here who has tried their best to get good chwmistry in STPM. I will continue work on this after I finish my repeats.


I feel it would be really helpful to not only teachers but also future batches if we made a compilation of all our results. P This post has been edited by yellowpika: Hope you all score with flying colour. Well I have a list of my classmates’ IC no chmistry I ain’t doing it Dear readers Sorry for the long await.

It has to be at the full approval of the result holders that we use their results for a statistic like this. A- dhemistry U3 result was released, based on P3 ; sadly still A- after U3 was released.

Thank you Chew Sensei. Home Essay services How it works Why us? Show related slideshares at chemistry coursework stpm. Its a suggested answer based on my own experiences.


Dear students Sorry for the delay, chemidtry here it is. Feb 8 Contoh kerja kursus pbs stpm pengajian am pengajian am-tentera kerja kursus pbs stpm pengajian am sent successfully.

STEP 3 Approve preview.