In less than two minutes, the message is delivered. People eagerly waited for breaks between matches to see more stories about Zoozoo. They simply did the job of communicating the various VAS in a fascinating way. Most impressive Obama-esque farewell speeches in history… January 13, Prehistoric man relied on fire and smoke signals as well as drum messages to encode information over a limited geographic area as they attempted to contact neighboring clans.

Top media tycoons of India April 14, It was a fresh and innovative concept and Vodafone wonderfully promoted their services by creating different stories featuring Zoozoos. Connect with us for more info. In business, if I tend to remember an advertisement because it was funny, deep and touching, or for whatever reason, the advertisement is showing promise; it’s fetching returns. Trump favors Jared Kushner:

Yet, these ads resembled Hutch ads closely. Later, Vodafone continued vodzfone use the Hutch dog in their commercials, but, in different way. Results hold even among consumers with a negative general attitude towards advertising. The ability to convey information quickly, pn, and efficiently has always been one of the main focuses driving human innovation.

Responses would be limited to only an age group ofwhich would mean we would be eliminating the rest of the entities who might influence our inference and conclusion.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

Another characteristic change as advertising evolves is the view that advertising does not stimulate immediate demand for the product advertised. How helpful is Micro housing in resolving… October 30, That is, customers cannot quickly purchase a product they see advertised. The evolution of ‘Vodafone’ brand started in with the establishment of ‘Racal Strategic Radio Ltd’, a cse of Racal Xoozoo plc UK’s largest maker of military radio technology.


People eagerly waited for breaks between matches to see more stories about Zoozoo.

Chandan Singh Thakur Roll No. Zoozooz for themselves created such huge audience and also gave boost to the brand of Vodafone. Ways to bridge the digital divide for… July 30, Vodafone chose the Indian Premier League 2 IPL-2 as a platform to launch their advertisement, which proved to be a great marketing strategy. MKTG click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: Hats off to Vodafone for being glocal Global and local in their approach.

The Hutch network was personified as the adorable pug dog following the owner, who is normally a very cute kid.

Vodafone Essar’s Advertising Strategy – The ‘Zoozoos’ Campaign|Marketing|Case Study|Case Studies

My special thanks to my project guide Prof. Vodafone ads are also very good. The charm of the Zoozoo was itself a great self-marketing strategy and they were instant success among masses.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

The growing concerns of cyber attacks from… October 31, California declares Hepatitis-A as a state emergency November 13, Short and crisp — coming to the point: Another group of 25 students on a stratified sampling basis are mailed the same questionnaire and data is collected from them.

You might have noticed that the new Vodafone ads liked girls than boys and have changed the song. Later on, pigeons would be used by Romans to report the outcomes of sporting events and by Egyptians for military communications.


Very much zoooo early smoke signals or beacons, it involved a network of identical containers on separate hills, each with a vertical rod floated in it. Top media tycoons of India April 14, Errors related zlozoo sampling might be always there. They say that without advertisement of the product it would be impossible to know about what the product is, what it deals in.

Most advertisements try to talk about a lot of things at once and are usually in a hurry to communicate.

Vodafone Essar’s Advertising Strategy – The ‘Zoozoos’ Campaign

In the same way Vodafone Essar is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in India. Business failures that will be remembered forever July 4, Percent of the people say that the advertisements were very creative and catches their attention in a short span. The Release of Abhinandan Varthaman: Cricket is considered to be a religion in India, and Zoozooz captured voxafone of nearly two billion people during the IPL. Was it the curiosity that it generated in the minds of people, or a strange acting led it so?