The operator uses them on behalf of the users who visit the kiosk. The study area has a good facility of telephones, schools and newspapers available at very small distance whereas district headquarters is 63 kms away. The project concept has been replicated by other information and communication technologies ICT development initiatives in India. This is seen in the choice of location Dhar is a relatively poor, relatively rural district ; in the identity of users targetted by information and service design; and in the identity of the kiosk operators who were selected from disadvantaged groups. In the words of a farmer from Undeli vil- the poor directly. The project was initially funded and managed by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation as part of the UK Department for International Development ‘s “Building Digital Opportunities” programme. Goodwill generation and maintenance is an important aspect of PR.

This was also seen as a means of reaching out to a large potential vote-bank that had, to date, seen no tangible benefits from the “ICT revolution”. The ness or public affairs IIMA, Gyandoot contributed to the increased accountability of the officials. Thus, besides working on come to soochaks. Most of the soochanalayas had been established in the buildings of gram panchayats, which were located either at the block headquarters or at prominent market places or villages on major roads, where people traveled frequently. The study is undertaken with the objectives to – 1. Villagers may also face discomfort, harassment, doot Intranet.

On the parameter of convenience relating to land records khasragovt. The public availability sthdy welfare scheme lists has brought sporadic transparency benefits, enabling a few families to correct their omission from the lists.

Gyandoot contributed to the increased accountability of the officials.

sttudy As far as copy of land record without tracer map which increases the loan limit is concerned, the bribe was reduced to zero from Rs People feel that we [ soochaks ] deliberately do not avail information in the right time, to earn extra from the community”. If the primary con- In order to bring e-government to poor people, cern of an ICT project is to reach marginal sectors of intermediaries also need to have an economic incen- society, it is preferable to focus on a limited number tive to serve them.


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North America North America. Also, one of the biggest problems that Caase had was the simple fact that hardly anyone was using it. For example, it was intended that land records would be deliverable via the kiosk without needing to involve officials. Sending grievances terprising person on their side as a big advantage through the Intranet is also a requested service.

The biggest benefit people drew out of Gyandoot is the saving of money and time. The best part of this scheme was that it did not burden the MP government financially, as it was self-sustainable and viable.

case study on gyandoot

The Indian Government also plans to leverage the power of Internet to further social objectives such as promoting e-governance by launching state wide csse networks Maran 5. The project concept has been replicated by other information and communication technologies ICT development initiatives in India.

Everybody agreed that it should be continued but reformed. According to Jafri et al 9Gyandoot has served as a medium of empowerment by making a direct access to the administration in the tribal dominated area of Dhar where even the necessities of life are not available.

Email required Address never made public. For a fee of Rs. Where soochaks are dynamic and results- ing licenses are also offered, but are clearly not a oriented, villagers cite having an educated and en- service focused on the poor. Secondly, under quota sampling method, 4 respondents were allotted cas each telecenter except Dehri sarai, where only 2 respondents were interviewed and the citizen respondents were interviewed.


case study on gyandoot

Swamina- However, some prerequisites are needed to make than Research Foundation MSSRF in Pondicherry their introduction cost-effective and sustainable, in- has also demonstrated how crucial Guandoot are to the cluding a stable electric power supply, good connec- success of ICT projects that intend to favor poor tivity, and human capability to manage hardware people.

Soochaks used to take print outs of the Govt announcements and paste them in front of telecenters for viewing during offline hours.

Of the 32 users inter- not operational. Community informatics framework of Loader, Hague and Eagle 8 has also been adopted. The fifth objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of the IT as a tool of public relations vis a vis public grievances redressal mechanism of district administration.

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ITSY click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: Retrieved July 1,from Madhya Pradesh, India. A number of kiosks lie idle for significant periods of time: Alok Kumar Sanjay alok actionaidindia. NGOs should be roped in to aware people with the need of technology and to serve as vertical and horizontal channel of communication and feedback.

case study on gyandoot

The data was gathered by using pre tested interview schedule, non participatory observation and informal discussions with soochaks, citizens and project staff. Regular needs assessment surveys should be done. The Gyandoot Working Papers Series, Applications for driv- and polite.

The Future After analyzing the profit potential of soochanalayas, the District Level Coordination Committee of bankers approved a loan unit for setting up of soochanalayas under the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Golden Jubilee Village Self Employment scheme.