User Username Password Remember me. Grounds for establishing reliability and generality are also subjected to scepticism when a small sampling is deployed. In turn, this prompts a variety of considerations for researchers who may consider using case study design in Clubhouse settings in future, with these considerations outlined in the results and discussion section presented below. Abstract ABSTRACT Although case study methods remain a controversial approach to data collection, they are widely recognised in many social science studies especially when in-depth explanations of a social behaviour are sought after. Implementation of Clubhouse model programme: One way of overcoming this is by triangulating the study with other methods in order to confirm the validity of the process.

In a collective case study, the researcher coordinates data from several different sources, such as schools or individuals. The boundaries in the study were difficult to ascertain because Clubhouse members were involved in the provision of tasks normally delivered by paid staff in hospital-based services. Given such access to more than a single candidate, you should. When deciding to use this method of research, an investigator should keep in mind the dangers and criticisms that are usually made to the method in question and must take precautions and care necessary to avoid them or minimize their consequences. Creating a Great Case Study.

case study as a research method zaidah

The art of case study research. This helps raise the level of confidence in the robustness of the method. Through interpretive case studies, the researcher aims to interpret the data by developing conceptual categories, supporting or challenging the assumptions made regarding them.

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Theory building from cases: These general questions are meant to open up the door for further examination of the phenomenon observed. Lately, they have been successful.

case study as a research method zaidah

The paper begins by providing a brief explanation of the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation, and fesearch need for ongoing evaluation of the services delivered. In other examples, such as in education, evaluative applications were conducted to assess the effectiveness of educational programmes and initiatives.


Routine outcome measurement in mental health: Medicinal plants and malaria: What case study is? He suggests that case study design should include:.

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One of the reasons for the recognition of case study as a research method is that researchers were becoming more concerned about the limitations of quantitative methods in providing holistic and in-depth explanations of the social and behavioural problems in question.

An example of a descriptive case study is the journalistic description of the Watergate caase by two reporters Yin, In an intrinsic case study, a researcher examines the case for its own sake.

According to Yingeneralisation of results from case studies, from either single or multiple designs, stems on theory resfarch than on populations. Stake [ 19 ] divides case studies into intrinsic, instrumental or collective designs. Conclusion In summary, we provide some discussion of case studies in terms of the different types of case studies found in the literature.

Conclusion In summary, we provide some discussion of case studies in terms of the different types of case studies found in the literature. Am J Psychiatr Rehabil. And, whether qualitative or quantitative, case studies typically relate to stduy projects, or, at best, small clusters of projects, such that their results usually cannot be generalized to the entire portfolio of projects.

Unlike quantitative analysis which observes patterns in data at the macro level on the basis of the frequency of occurrence of the phenomena being observed, case studies observe the data caes the micro level. One of the reasons for the recognition of case study as a research method issthat researchers were becoming more concern This explanation is followed by an introduction to case study design, with consideration given to the way in which case studies have been used in past Clubhouse research.


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In response, Clubhouses provide a wide range of social, health, educational and employment support programs [ 2 ]. Decision models for the location methdo community corrections centers. In this paper we review how case study research has contributed to the field of Clubhouse psychosocial rehabilitation.

case study as a research method zaidah

How will this understanding influence your future practices as a teacher? This would contrast with saidah, for instance, which deliberately isolates a phenomenon from its context, focusing on a limited number of variables Zaidah, This is because case study method, mefhod interviews or journal entries, must be able to prove that: Building on these activities, Clubhouse programs referred to as Transitional Employment Programs TEP are then tailored to support members who decide to seek work in the competitive job market [ 6 ].

In zaicah example, a researcher conducting a case study may examine the reading processes of only one subject over a period of time. Conducting research in any service for people living with mental illness requires special sensitivity [ 44 ]. In other words, a case study is a unique way of observing any natural phenomenon which exists in a set of data Yin, Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.