Check the course details to see which one will suit you best. For more details about the tests at Oxford, visit this page. There is an another personal statement in the SAQ – an additional form you have to fill in if you apply to Cambridge. Application assessments Many A Level Oxbridge applicants are predicted to achieve top grades and many also have excellent references. Cambridge’s director of admissions, Geoff Parks, has admitted that tutors at his university do not assign any marks to the personal statement — an essay students write on why they chose the subject they are applying for and why they are suited to it. It is also worth making notes on the key points of interest that you come across so that you can look back over these when you come to write your personal statement or prepare for interview.

GCSE grades themselves are not a requirement for entry to Cambridge. Jo Carter 28 September Cambridge Admission Tutors consider publicly available data such as school performance and geo-demographic location, to help place students’ educational achievement into context when assessing applications. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The main points to take away would be:

cambridge university saq personal statement

At Oxford, candidates for the graduate entry medicine course A and biomedical sciences BC98 also require this test. There are far more productive ways to spend your time. Check the course details to see which one will suit you best.

cambridge university saq personal statement

Where applicants demonstrate the necessary academic aptitude for Oxford, they are likely to be considered for interview and seen in addition to students identified through the normal shortlisting process. Create your website at WordPress. Admission tutors look for applicants with the greatest academic ability and potential — and those who they think will be best suited for the course and the type of teaching at the university.


Applying Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in. What makes Oxford and Cambridge such special universities?

Your performance at interview alone does not determine whether you get offered a place; a variety of factors are considered, as outlined cambridgw. It took four drafts for her to be happy enough to send it off. University tests Most tests are held at schools or colleges before you attend interview.

Additional statwment of the application are covered in greater detail below. Year 12, January two years months before you intend to begin university Do: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ucas, the university admissions serviceis considering whether students should write a separate universitg statement for each of the five university courses they apply for, rather than write a generic personal statement for all of them, as they do at present.

These may take place before you are invited to interview, or while at interview.

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There is an another personal statement in the SAQ – an additional form you have to fill in if you apply to Cambridge. Although they may not be specified as required subjects, petsonal successful applicants [to the Russell Group] do have advanced level qualifications in at least two of the facilitating subjects.

View all posts by Dan. All students applying for the standard medicine course A at either university must register to take the BMAT as part of their application. In truth Oxford and Cambridge Universities: Your application will be assessed on a combination of the following: Not all subjects have them and some are sat at interview while some are sat before – see the university website for details http: These are two of the best universities in statemen world, with an international reputation for academic excellence, so it only makes sense that winning a place to study there will be a comprehensive and competitive process.


Y11, Summer two years before you intend to start university Do: For other subjects, Cambridge requires a written test to be taken while at the university for interview if interviewed.

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge agree that the most important decision a prospective applicant has to make is the degree they wish to study, not which university they want to apply to.

An essential guide to successful Oxbridge applications | The dos and don’ts

Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. There may be specific subject requirements for particular courses, especially in the sciences; you can check these in the course requirements on Oxford or Cambridge university websites.

It is part of what is sometimes referred to as ‘widening participation’, and is intended to give a fair platform for applicants from differing backgrounds.

Your academic record and predicted performance in subject studied see Entry Requirements below Personal statement School or college reference University forms Performance in university tests Written work submitted Contextual data Performance at interview.

If you explore your chosen subject beyond what is required for the exam syllabus, this can help demonstrate your commitment to the topic and your independent study skills.

cambridge university saq personal statement

Before I visited Cambridge for an Open Day I imagined it whimsically as if a picture-perfect postcard town, with looming spires, gothic chapels and the chime of bells. It is possible to practise for an admissions interview at Oxford and Cambridge.

Only a few professions require specific degrees.