However, that reads across to some of the inspection evidence, which points to the fact that the joined-up nature of the revised curriculum, the cross-curricularity, has become effectively embedded in primary schools but is a greater challenge in post-primary schools, where there tends to be a comfort around a subject focus rather than a cross-curricular focus. Creating new pathways to opportunities Kandy students can visit 3WGE Kandy Branch for overseas education Visit Aspirations and expose yourself to the world! Chair, I want to come in on the back of Danny’s question and your comments on the shared education campuses. It will be reasonably fluid to allow ideas to come forward, and a number are on the go at the minute. That review confirmed that the vision for the education system — and the original focus around the Department’s twin goals of raising standards for all and closing the performance gap to increase access and equality — remains valid.

As of last week, about 14, pupils had completed the literacy assessment and the same number had completed the numeracy assessment. Indeed, one of the areas of work that the Department is going to commission shortly will look at the extent to which the full capacity of C2k is being used, not just the modernisation now, and whether we are fully using what we are paying for. Each of the above criteria is awarded a minimum and maximum number of points and depending on how well an applicant meets the criteria. I expect it to be a balance between the two. We are using that information to determine how best to encourage parents who choose not to participate fully in the process to stick with it through to the end. Click here to sign up. That has been the subject of considerable discussions and conversations between teachers, their representatives and the Department.

As Katrina said, the whole issue at that time for Irish-medium education was the need to mainstream it, and it was the same for integrated education. We have a lot of governance issues, issues with boards of governors, which perhaps do not have full support under the system, and HR issues. You talk about there being value. I expect it to be a balance between the two. I was going to be naughty and wonder whether you had the same book beside your bed as Tony Blair and others, if you were watching the programme last night.


Those are the parents who have been affected when they have not got places for their children.

Those are the sorts of plaj that have to be worked through. In recent years, we have looked at upgrading the kit a number of times. It is a subject in its own right, and it could be useful for the Committee to receive a paper or an update on it.

The aim, certainly, is 24 to 27, and that is not unrelated to the work that is advancing, for example, in post-primary area planning.

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That will be useful in informing the Programme for Government target. Are you referring to the transformation programme; essentially the upgrade of the new system? Some of your points are well made, Jonathan. However, there are a lot of other ideas going around that area planning has advanced to a certain scale and is stopping them happening. It is interesting because the feedback tends to reflect the extent to which schools are pushing, or not pushing, at the f2k boundaries of the system’s capacity.

News and Media Centre. The integrated duty specifies that it is not the integrated sector; it is the education of Protestant and Busiess children together. Both Ministers are on record as saying that it is very clearly not a tenable position for that particularly vulnerable group of children. It is clear that there are misunderstandings about what people can expect. We are involved in discussions, and, as John mentioned, we have a couple of meetings next week and the week after, led by OFMDFM, that will allow us to contribute a bit more.


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I am teaching tomorrow. Here is a good line:.

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Thanks for that, Katrina. It is not actually a duty to promote the integrated education sector.

We do not want there to be any token campuses; there have to be real ones. I know that we are sort of halfway into the system.

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In the past two days, we have had hints in the papers that ESA is on the brink. It is already the case that many children go across the border to the nearest school, and that is certainly an issue that managing authorities will want to look at.

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I was a director of a leading HR consulting firm and for five years led its worldwide communication consulting practice through a period of major customer-driven change in process and structure.

If c2kk could reflect the great work we do in those sectors, it would go a long way.

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However, as yesterday’s outcomes show, the year-olds in the South are outperforming our year-olds and, after a dip inthe education system in the South is back among the high-performing countries of the world. It is a parental choice, and it is based on the practical needs of families rather than on some grandiose plan for where we should go in relation to cross-border education.

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