God bless you, Dick. Harry Brogden the headmaster must have had kittens every time he appeared! Contact me at begacomputers dragnet. Wear your student lanyard with your college ID card whilst on college premises and ensure it is visible at all times. Interesting to see the comments, all way past my time.

Does anyone remember the assemblies where the pupils picked a theme and their own music to present to the school? There are many ways that teachers and examiners detect plagiarism: I commented briefly earlier. Correct me if I am wrong. I remember Les Zurich and Newman being in the team — 2 great players. The welfare and well being of students is of paramount importance, in and out of College.

bhasvic summer homework

When asked about the technical details of how he had taken the photo he said he attributed the successful result to prayer and supplication. I never had the misfortune to be caned by Harry Brogden though I am sure I had many detentions. Paul, were you in homewoork same dormitory as myself and a poor unfortunate lad called Stephen Hopley?

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Just goes to show it can all come right with experience. I liked xc running — it was the only sport I was any good at. He had to have boots made to fit his wide, size 13 feet. Indeed looking at this list, I think the common capacity of all of them was the ability to find something positive in even the most sloppy pupils, among whom I am now ashamed to say I was one. Not guilty but a definite and amused witness.


And I agree about Jack — too much to say here. I hope you understand. What a memory you have; you must be looking at one of those wonderful photos we had. My team mates were Rogers, Dilly Bedson and Hearne to mention just four. Wait at the assembly point until you summeg given further instructions. This tells you what you can expect from the college and provides information on what we expect from you.

Use the right level of formality. In contrast my primary school did well by me, it was a look, touch and comprehend kind of place and I blossomed. Bhasvlc you remember chaos in some Maths classes where aspiring chemists dropped calcium carbide in the ink wells and lit the acetylene? A wide variety of quality food and drink summef available from the Copper Building, and Canteen.

I am sure if he could, Sgt. He joined the navy in the early sixties and I lost contact with him in the seventies. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket

I tried all sorts to improve legibility from those osmiroid curved nibs to writing unjoined-up, but still smudged quink across the page. My best mates were Chris Wellings I think now estate agent ssummer surveyor — retired by nowAndrew Feast — high flying physicist, Terry Wilton — actor. Overall I would simmer that BHSGH did very well for me, and if it did not do better it was my fault for not taking full advantage of everything it offered.


I heartedly endorse your views on Stuart Alexander.

bhasvic summer homework

I was bhassvic BHSGS from 64 to 71 and from around 67 in the boarding house so I well remember Robin Finch who has contributed a few times also a boarder from those days. My last picture of Killer Reave was a funny one: Please show your student lanyard at the Cash Desk.

By that time I was a uniform member of the air training corps but he still bnasvic and remembered me from the ccf. You can find more information on Attendance hokework Absence via this link: The Entry process for homeworm examinations begins in Januarybut there is an internal deadline for re-sits of 22 November Scout camp near Bolney crossroads — CCf camp at Pirbright- the CCf fife and drum band the first time that Major Randall allowed it to lead the entire force.

I remember the ccf and Lt Col Smithies an early convert to green thinking. BHASVIC recognises that all members of the College community have the right to be safe and protected, both within the College and whilst engaged in College-related activities.

Designated senior member of staff with lead responsibility for both safeguarding and child protection in the College.