It may be difficult to analyse the open-ended questions of semi-structured interview. Tesco plc, UK is committed to deliver quality products and services to achieve organizational goals and objectives through increasing customer satisfaction that lead to customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction of Tesco is influenced by service qualities, product qualities, pricing efficiency and store attributes. The recommendations and implications of this research project in terms of academic and organizational perspective can be represent as follows-. Customer satisfaction is very subjective in nature. As an example, Benady has mentioned that with the application of loyalty schemes, Tesco PLC, UK has achieved immediate advantage over competitor in following areas-. The key business strategies of Tesco, that mainly focus on the customer satisfaction that can lead to customer loyalty include-.

The researcher believed that all of the used sources of literature were very relevant and appropriate in respect to explore and evaluate the existing theories and practices in the field of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within an organization, a case study of Tesco PLC, UK. Tesco club card is the great example of the loyalty scheme at the organization that is providing some benefits to the users while they make purchase from any stores of the Tesco. Advantages of used research methods, such as semi-structured interview, questionnaire survey and document review and analysis. This research has also considered several literature gaps which were present earlier and tried to answer several of them. In recommendation part, the researcher has provided cost-effective and constructive recommendations for the case studied organization as well as future research opportunities in accordance with the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. On the other hand, only 3. For instance, all of the interviewees, such as Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager and Team Leader have mentioned that the company is using several tools and techniques e.

In this dissertatoon project, the researcher was realistic for the purpose of collecting relevant data and information in accordance with research aims, objectives and research questions. The company is the second leading market before the Clubcard. Demographic profile of the interviewees: Store operations, such as store ordering, product replenishment process, customer service, store refurbishment etc.


Critical analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty (Tesco, UK)

To collect real data from the case studied organization; andTo compare data collected from the interview and survey. Club card is about more than just earning money-off vouchers and that they can use points as currency in other areas of their lives. During the interview, Team Leader has mentioned almost same clubcagd that affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty disxertation an organization, like Tesco plc, UK.

In this case, the researcher handles the research activities with the actual facts. In addition to the above mentioned factors, the Store Manager has stated that product quality, service quality, store location, store environment and customer relationship management etc. The loyalty card system dissertxtion some privilege facilities to the member customers because they get bonus points and discount offers on products.

The company is committed to open more stores in different locations within the country.

tesco clubcard dissertation

Definition and explanation of customer satisfaction: Suggestions and comments regarding increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. It builds the foundation and background of the research project. Rashid has mentioned that organizations seek benefits in order to develop a relationship with their customers for the purpose of achieving competitive advantage.

When all the clientele speaks to the consumer and himself being in the spotlight, the company has made the consignment concrete.

The overall limitations of the study can be discuss and explain as follows. On contrast, more than one-fourth of the respondents have mentioned that they are highly dissatisfied, such as 8.

Loyalty Cards

For this reason, the researcher has used inductive research approach to develop a specific theory on the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc. Customer relationship management CRM approach can be considered as important tool to measure customer satisfaction. Collaboration in retail value chain, such as supply chain management, quick response, efficient consumer response etc.

As stated by the Store Manager, it is clear that CRM can ensure better customer services, customer responses, customer complaints handling and other related things within the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. For example, Saunders et al have mentioned that under the chapter research findings and their analysis, the researcher has to present all of the relevant data collected from primary research.


Finally, the author would like to opine that despite of having some limitations, the researcher was able to prepare this research report with valid conclusions and recommendations in respect to the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK.

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The secondary data has been collected through reviewing and analysis of existing documents of the case studied organization and from other relevant sources, such as published articles, journals and websites etc. The researcher need to ensure that access to the sample is not only permitted but also, in dissertatioon, practicable.

tesco clubcard dissertation

Limited time to conduct the research was the major limitation of the research as for the successful completion of such research required huge time, which was not possible to manage within tighten academic schedule. The Company is committed to deliver quality products and services to satisfy customer that lead to customer loyalty.

tesco clubcard dissertation

LancasterSaunders et al. Lack of availability of time: The questionnaire survey has been carried out among 50 customers within the selected store. For example, the quality of service is one the most common and vital aspects in customer satisfaction that may lead to customer loyalty towards the business. It is a globally successful teso of shopping through the internet and has clkbcard economically which has serviced the industries and also debatably been the most prospering examples of customer relationship management.

Bryman and Bell have mentioned that inductive and deductive research approaches are widely used to explore and analyse close relations between two variables.

The semi-structured interviews were conducted with three 3 management personnel, such as Team Leader, Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager of the case studied organization.