These books can be used as study material for children. This time, I am enjoying it a lot. Between and publishing houses take part in the fair. After we come to an arrangement with the writer or publication house, we give them 70 per cent of the profit and we keep 30 per cent as maintenance cost. Today, children want something new and interesting and I believe these books are providing them with that.

The choice is endless. I have visited some wonderful childrens book stalls and I am planning to buy some books for my nephews, she said. The month-long fair in February is dedicated to the language martyrs of February 21, who sacrificed their lives during a demonstration in Dhaka to establish Bangla as the state language of then East Pakistan. I have come to visit the fair with my friends. Accessed May 23,

Today, children want something new and interesting and I believe these books are providing them with that. I like to read all kinds of books, said Nafiz Rafsan, a student at a private university.

He first brought me esday the Ekushey Book Fair in and from then on, I have been in love with books. At the moment, we have 13 team members, comprising both writers and cartoonists. Dhaka Comics can be considered as an open platform for those who are interested in creating comic stories or cartoons.

People from every age group could be seen, waiting to get inside and browse through the books that await them. Inbook stalls were set up by publishers, book sellers and such other organization including Bangla Academy and Nazrul Institute. This 2nd of February saw the inauguration of the Ekushey Book Fair for the year M Saiful Islam, stall manager, said: This year, stalls and publication houses are participating at the fair, Jalal Ahmed, member secretary of Ekushet Book Fair, told this correspondent.


The annual Amar Ekushey Book Fair is the main book fair of our ekushsy.

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I have been coming here with my father since I was a little kid and I have loved it since then. Sofikul Alam, 22, a student of Bangla College in Mirpur, was seen browsing through new books at a stall at the fair recently. Previously, I had the opportunity to run into some of my favourite authors. They are hopeful that book sales will be much better this year since the crowds seems to be much bigger. Many parents and teachers are motivating their children or students to buy the books, which come with pop-ups, audiovisual CDs or QR codes.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We hope they, too, will publish Braille books in future.

Every day, new books are being launched. It is arranged each year by Bangla Academy and takes place for the whole month of February in Dhaka. People Peoples Names Diaspora List. Thousands of people gather to purchase books and spend time with the company of books and their authors with a patriotic zeal.


I am a student of Eden Mohila College and I am doing this to gather experience. Peoples Names Diaspora List.

The Childrens Corner of the fair, located at Suhrawardy Udyan, always remains crowded.

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Between and publishing houses take part in the fair. Only the Bangladeshi booksellers can join who have at least 25 books of their own. These books can be used as study material for children. The Ministry of Culture is in control of the fair while the Academy does the groundwork. I developed my passion for reading and buying books from my grandfather.

When we went to the established publishing houses, they discouraged us.

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Also, the e-book ekuushey companies have different offers for their customers, he said. Jakir Hassan, assistant manager at Sheiboi, another e-book stall, said: I bought a lot of books today. There is Nazrul Moncho, a corner dedicated to poet Kazi Nazrul Islama fixed place for month-long cultural meetings, a Lekhok Kunjo, a dedicated place for writers and, a media center for the journalists.

essay on ekushey book fair

From the very start of this years fair, we can see many young people visiting the place, he told YI.