As soon as she heard the allegations, she contacted the Hannover Medical School to start having her dissertation examined by a specialized ombudsman there. Von der Leyen’s alma mater, the Hannover Medical School MHH , announced that it would launch an official examination into the discrepancies. COM in 30 languages. Education minister loses doctorate for plagiarism. D theses were found to have contained passages lifted from other texts. Navalny ally Leonid Volkov sentenced to 20 days in jail 18m ago. Here’s why photos ‘I was the victim’:

Send us an e-mail. Ms von der Leyen had been seen as a potential successor to German chancellor Angela Merkel as conservative leader. Guttenberg was forced to quit as defense minister a year earlier after it came to light that that his thesis had been plagiarized. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She said she immediately asked the Hannover Medical School, which awarded her medical degree, to examine the publication. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, one of von der Leyen’s predecessors in her position as Minister of Defense, resigned in after the University of Bayreuth withdrew his doctorate in law, which was deemed to have been more than 63 percent plagiarized. Another German minister hit by plagiarism row AFP.

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dissertation von der leyen vroniplag

News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More…. The common form of plagiarism today is weaving together chunks of text into a paper without proper attribution. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Follow dwnews on Twitter Plagiarism scandal satire nicks ‘Yes Minister’ line.

The move comes after anonymous allegations about parts of his doctoral work. Woman says chooks targeted by bird of prey keyen suburban garden Monks brew beer fissertation finding year-old recipe.


Print Print this page Permalink https: And you are right that PhDs finance, economics, policy are increasingly tickets to higher level jobs in government, finance, and NGOs.

dissertation von der leyen vroniplag

If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. Plagiarism in a dissertation is especially embarrassing in Germany, where academic titles command respect and anyone with a doctorate has a legal right to be called “Doktor”.

German Defense Minister Von der Leyen denies plagiarism | News | DW |

Measuring their dissertations by the same criteria is nonsense and counter-productive. The university confirmed in a statement today that it had begun an inquiry in August in response to a request from von der Leyen.

Back in the day, students were thrown out of universities for a couple of sentences copied without attribution. Australian who bit husband’s tongue in Iceland fights for justice Flying a drone through a whale’s snot cloud — all in the name of science This community is in the grip of a measles outbreak so bad some families are staying indoors ‘Selfish and despicable’: Academic titles in Germany often come with a great deal of value, with the label of doctor being systematically included when identifying oneself.

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German defense minister accused of plagiarism

Austria’s caretaker government assumes power after video scandal 2h ago. Another German minister hit by plagiarism row AFP. More news Overnight queues and complex rules: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Three senior German politicians have stepped down from their jobs since after being caught in plagiarism scandals.

Don’t judge, try to understand us photos Six dead, mass arrests as Indonesian election protests turn violent Analysis: German ex-Education Minister Schavan loses plagiarism appeal Christian Democrat Annette Schavan’s first ser attempt to reclaim her doctorate, stripped amid charges of plagiarism last year, has failed. Gerhard Dannemann, a law professor at Humboldt University of Berlin and member of VroniPlag Wiki, said 37 passages in the dissertation conflict with academic rules, such as using outside texts without citations, according to Der Spiegel.


As easy as ABC: The latter can have original thought, just insufficient citations or careless literature review. This will solve two problems in one go.

News Navalny ally Leonid Volkov sentenced to 20 days in jail 0m ago. So does that mean that the whole fuss about plagiarism is exaggerated and that offenders like Von der Leyen are accused unjustifiably?

Academic work submitted by German minister of defense under scrutiny | News | DW |

In the eyes of the public, any violation of specific ethical norms may be seen as moral misconduct, an indicator that this person will also be unethical in other contexts. News Academic work submitted by German minister of defense under scrutiny Lehen online forum has questioned the authenticity of Ursula von der Leyen’s academic dissertation.

Academic work submitted by German minister of defense under scrutiny An online forum has questioned the authenticity of Ursula von der Leyen’s academic dissertation. Inside Sales Representative – Barcelona.